Уважаемые друзья.  С 16 по 23 сентября наша компания находится на выставке Homefest в Москве. В связи с этим, отправки полученных заказов на сайте возможны сразу после нашего возвращения. Магазин на OZON временно приостановлен.  Ждем Вас на выставке. 


Mojd is a family workshop from St. Petersburg, Russia. We are creating fabric patterns and interesting applications for it.


Mojd means tails in my native language Komi which is more closer to Finish rather than Russian. The topic of art is the nature, epos and nordic culture. Our goal is to share a history by simple goods. 


The inks used to print fabrics are non-toxic. The pattern is digitally printed with water-based active inks. The fabric undergoes all necessary processing, after which it becomes resistant to fading and washing. We use  high quality textiles and accessories. Our production is located in Russia, so we have the opportunity to trace all stages of production. 


We constantly looking for new projects and collabarations. Please, contact us

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